Tag impressions!

The PhotoTags application offers a search service for your photos uploaded to Google Photos. To do this, you download the PhotoTags application to your android mobile device.

How the app works and what is used:

When installing the application on your device, you must indicate your Google account.
Then accept the permissions required for the application to run. This is access to the device storage.

The application works in such a way that when you first launch the application, data on the number of your photos in Google Photos is downloaded to your phone. Previews of your photos are also downloaded (as you scroll).

Your activities in the app:

You can create and assign various tags to your photos. Your tags are stored on your phone. And also you can sync them to your Google Drive by clicking on the button. And also download from Google Drive (for example, if you change your phone). You can search for tagged photos in different variations.

Terms of use the app:

You are using the application “as is”. This means that we are not responsible for possible failures in the application, but we try to prevent them by using preliminary testing. But we will try to correct errors if they appear. We cannot provide the service for free, as it is associated with the transfer of data volumes from Google Photos. Therefore, we suggest that you choose the most suitable subscription option for you. Both by the volume of your photos, and by the duration of the subscription. For example, for a month or a year. Current subscription options can be seen in the app.