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On website we do not use cookies and do not collect any personal data about visitors.

App “PhotoTags”

When you start using the PhotoTags application, you will select the Google account you need.

The application does not collect any of your personal data related, including does not save photo previews on its servers. You use your data from your Google Photos account directly. The previews of your photos are uploaded directly to your device.

The PhotoTags service receives only data on the total number of photos in your account in order to offer you the necessary subscription option, calculated from the number of photos.

All information regarding the tags you have created is saved directly to your Google Drive and is not processed or tracked by the PhotoTags application in any way.

Communication through the contact form:

The name you provided and the text of your message is saved to respond to your inquiries. After resolving the issues, this data is stored for another 1 month, after which it is deleted permanently.

How we protect your data

All your data is used only by you. PhotoTags does not have a central server and does not collect user data, including tags, photos, and previews. All tags you create in the application are stored only on your device. You can also save a copy of the tags in Google Drive and take them back to the application, for example, if you changed your phone.